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After many years of being friends and working together on various projects, Melissa Bronski and I decided to co-found Honey & Hemlock productions. We are a female led production company with a focus on hiring women in front of and behind the camera. We also have a knack for telling male centric stories through

the female lens. 

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Poster for Solitarity

In less than a year we have produced and directed two short films and big things are on the horizon in the near future. Solitarity speaks on the issues of mental health and suicidal thoughts and Spaceman discusses domestic violence in which the male

is the victim.

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Honey & Hemlock Productions is a sponsored artist with The Field, which is an NYC based, non-profit organization that supports independent artists. This allows you to make 100% tax deductible donations that will support us and our future projects. Currently we are not only seeking funding, but also raffle prizes for our upcoming fundraiser.

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Are you seeking a production company for your completed script? Are you in need of a director? We would love to read your script and we are always looking for collaboration. We will manage your budget, hire crew, audition actors, organize catering, and any job in between. We are also available if you'd like to hire us to create your film festival plan. We'd love to hear from you.

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